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Base Camp Cafe is a byproduct of teamwork and love of the real food. Team members of Base Camp Restaurant worked as farmer, researcher, teacher and successful restaurateur for more than 15 years.

Manager, Bhola Pandey runs an organic farm in Pokhara Valley and ran the Café momo for 10 years. Café Momo was the number one restaurant 7 out of ten years. He opened the restaurant right after doing research on the fast food, obesity, and nutrition for two years as part of university study in Boston.

About Us

Delivery with minimum $25

Delivery Fee $3.99

Call Us:  (603) 643 2007

Delivery Hours :

Sunday -Thursday : 11 AM to 8 PM

Friday, Saturday : 11 AM to 4 PM


3 Lebanon Street

Hanover, NH, 07355

Open hours

Sunday – Thursday   11 AM– 9 PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM – 10PM

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Seasonal Greens

Lunch Entrees

Tarkari Curry

Base Camp Grilled

Our Chilies

Stir-fry Noodles