Base Camp Grilled Delicacies

Our cast iron pan-grilled sea food and meat items are seasoned with dry rubbed herbs and spices cook to perfection and served with seasonal stir- fried fresh vegetables on olive oil and steamed basmati rice. GF.

Wild Boar Ribs                                             24

Rack of Lamb Nepali way (special)         26

Lamb Tass (pieces of lamb fillet)          18

Basil Shrimp                                                  18

Duck Ginger Basil                                       24

Basil Thyme lamb                                       20

Grilled Chicken Nepali way  (special)   23  (Stuffed with paneer and spinach)                     

Basil Chicken                                               16   

Cashew Coated Haddock                        19

Salmon on Asparagus                              21