Soup & Sides


Flat Herbed Bread   Vegan             3

Steamed Basmati Rice                    3

Seasoned Spicy Pickle                     2

Homemade yogurt                            2

Soups   (All Soup are Vegan) GF

Lentil      Dal   Soup      Vegan                                   5
Mix of red and yellow Lentils seasoned with ginger, garlic and cumin seed served as warm delicious filler

Gundruk Soup      Vegan                                     6
Five hundred years old homeopathic tradition comes to your bowl. Cured Mustard leaf blended with our tomato sauce to heal your cold and sinus

Seasonal Greens Vegan GF

Sautéed greens                                                                                        6
Sautéed on olive oil, dry chili and cumin seeds.
Beans bite                                                                                                  6
Sautéed tender string beans with cumin seeds.
Broccoli Bite                                                                                           6
Sautéed tender broccolis with dry chili and cumin seeds.

Potatoes bites                        5


Consumer Advisory: Alert your server if you have special dietary requirements.