Tarkari Curry Delicacies                                All tarkari meals are cooked on our delicious tomato base curry sauce with Himalayan Herbs spices and various fresh vegetables, which is light and healthy with Basmati rice. GF.

Chicken Tarkari                                      15

Chicken & Mushroom Tarkari           17

Lamb & Mushroom Tarkari                19    

Fish Tarkari                                               18  

Goat & Mushroom Tarkari                   20  

Calamari Tarkari                                   19

Shrimp Tarkari                                      18

Eggplant Basil Paneer       (homemade cheese) 18

Plaintain Tarkari   Vegan                    16

Sweet Potato Tarkari           Vegan    16

Mushroom Tarkari      Vegan             16

Beans & Mushroom Tarkari  Vegan    17  

Jack Fruit & Mushroom Tarkari  Vegan    (special)   18

Tofu & Mushroom Tarkari Vegan (Non-GMO, organic tofu)         16  

Potato Tarkari   Vegan                               15